Let’s try this again — Agile 2005 Day 0

July 25, 2005

Obviously, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. OK it’s been longer than a while. I’m sorry for that. Obviously, the promises of resuming posting didn’t work like I intended them to. Blogging is something I’d still like to do. Maybe this time it’ll take off. No promises this time — we’ll see what happens. For those who have hung in there (either consciously or by simply never removing a subscription to the RSS feed), thank you.

Anyhow, this week I’m in Denver, attending Agile 2005. While I have a few complaints about speaker treatment, and the hotel is overpriced ($5 for a bottle of Evian in the rooms? $3 for using the lobby wireless for 15 minutes?), I’m excited about it.

Since the blogging from Agile Fusion was a big hit, and it got me to think about some of the things more deeply than I otherwise might. I’d like to try that again in this venue with a few changes. Last time, I felt like I didn’t participate as much as I could have because I was blogging so much — it was the same thing as when someone is photographing or videotaping an event — the camera (or laptop) gets in the way of participating. This time I’d like to avoid that — I think a conference format is probably a better place for that — there’s sessions & then breaks. Since I may only be able to post from my room (it’s not clear whether there’ll be free wireless for the conference), I think that will help with this.

So, starting tomorrow, I’ll be making posts about my experiences here. From there, we’ll see where this all goes.

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