A brief catchup for the folks reading via Artima’s Testing feed

July 19, 2003

Earlier today, I added my RSS feed to Artima’s testing blogs aggregator. I also subscribed to the feed, and I realized that the tail end of the Agile Fusion posts were showing up. So, in case any one besides myself is subscribed to the testing feed, and is confused by these posts coming through, there’s two points that will make things clearer:

1. The initial posts coming through are from the Agile Fusion week held in Front Royal, VA. More information on that can be found by starting at the initial post

2. Future posts will be much more testing-related. By the time this post shows up on Artima’s feed, you should have seen a post discussing my research (if not, you can find it here).

And now back to your (ir)regularly scheduled blog posts..

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