A second new blog — Christian Sepulveda’s Blog

June 29, 2003

Chris Sepulveda has also been working on setting up a new blog lately. I’ve spent time with Chris at the Austin Workshop on Test Automation last February and more recently at Agile Fusion. He’s the coach on an XP team that’s in a different location from where he is most of the time, which gives him a different perspective on XP. I’ve been impressed with his thinking whenever he and I have talked, and I’m looking forward to reading his thoughts on his blog. I actually am planning on responding to an entry he’s got posted on integrating testers into XP, but that entry hasn’t quite finished simmering in my head yet (nor have any of the post-Agile Fusion things I’ve thought about, for those waiting for them).

Chris’ blog is at http://www.christiansepulveda.com/blog

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