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June 24, 2003

Because I can’t resist tweaking as I learn about new things, I’ve changed the search functionality in my template for this blog. Thanks to Micah Alpern (found via Stuart Henshall and his Unbound Spiral blog), you can now search the entire web, just my blog, or all the blogs that I read. Currently, the blogs I read list is generated manually through an OPML export from SharpReader. I imagine that in general, this will be enough to keep it relatively current.

I also experimented with having the blogroll links also come from this file (and I may yet be able to do that, but it’s not going to be quite so easy as I had hoped, I fear). Anyhow, my experiments led me to delete my original blogroll (multiple times). That meant the recreated one had a different id, so if anyone actually used the RSS feed for the blogroll, you’ll need to update the link to the new one. Sorry about that — moving forward, I don’t plan to delete the blogroll again, so hopefully this will be the last time I need to change that RSS URL (or maybe no one uses that feed and I can change it with impunity). Those of you reading this through the web site will notice a few other changes too — the list is now alphabetical (I didn’t want to recompute the priorities that I had in there before), and there’re more entries (again). Since the list is starting to get long, I’m pondering switching the list to show links in random order and then telling it to stop after 50 links. Any thoughts on this? Anyone care?


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  1. jana Says:

    hey, thanks so much for the link! much appreciated. i’m always so amazed by what some people can tell their blogs to do, when i have to re-learn how to make a simple stinking link every time i try to change something in my template.

    keep it up, buttercup.

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