Goals of Agile Fusion

June 12, 2003

After dinner, we began the process with introducing ourselves and discussing our goals for the next week. There’s a very good mix of programmers and testers here, and I’m even more excited about this week than I was before getting here (assuming that’s possible). Here’s the notes from the goals session (in the extended entry which I’ve never used in Moveable Type before).

Goals of Agile Fusion

  • Talk about testing
  • Do Extreme Programming
  • Understand test-first acceptance testing
  • Understand how testers/programmers fit together
  • Explore exploratory testing
  • Be happy
  • Brian wants something to do
  • Do-first conferring (spend the first part of the day doing extreme programming, then finish the day by talking about it)
  • Be immersed in Ruby Project
  • Explore testing existing code
  • See other people work
  • Learn Ruby
  • Citeable examples of testability
  • Explore Ruby as tester lingua franca
  • Learn something practical
  • Reconnect with joy of working with programmers
  • pairing with smart testers
  • Steal good ideas
  • Learning through articulation
  • How to turn average testers into really good testers
  • How to keep testers useful over time
  • How to explain test strategy over course of project
  • Writing better test cases
  • Tests as documentation — how can that work?
  • Seeing other peoples’ style of work
  • Looking at process of coming together — how quickly are we productive?
  • Opportunity to work with testers
  • Explore limits of automated testing
  • Exploring balanace between programmers and testers — how we can help each other?
  • Document our process
  • Make friends
  • Do cool stuff
  • Cut code
  • Get home again with no stress
  • Ways of using FIT
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