More site updates

May 30, 2003

Made a few more changes to the sidebar for the blog today…

  1. The Bloggers and Links Sections has been replaced with a Blogs I Read section with lots more links. These links are now more closely aligned with the list in my aggregator, and the section is handled through Currently, the order they’re in reflects a descending sort on the number of posts I have stored in my aggregator (generally because something in the post was something I found particularly interesting or wanted to refer back to) and within a group of the same number of stored posts, an ascending alphabetic sort. This sorting was done manually, though I’d like to pull together a Ruby script that automatically updated the BlogRoll settings. We’ll see. Anyhow, for those of you who read this as an RSS feed, there is an RSS version of the links available here.
  2. I added a currently reading section, thanks to As I progress through school, various text books and dissertation books and other books will go through my reading list. This list will share that info with anyone who cares about what I’m reading. It’s also available as an RSS feed, here
  3. Links for both those RSS feeds were added to the side.

I have some more plans for the site, including a graphics change, but they’re probably a while off. Look for more real content in the near future.

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