More Ruby RSS ideas

May 23, 2003

It occurred to me while I was writing the previous entry that there may be a way I could help with the information filtering part of things. I don’t want to turn this blog into entries with lots of links. There’ll be links, but I want the point to remain my thoughts (with links to sources for what triggered the thoughts or supporting elements) rather than an aggregation.

BUT, since I’m already in the process of writing Ruby scripts to generate RSS feeds, and given that my aggregator (SharpReader) allows me to lock entries to save them (and stores everything in easily accessible XML caches), I could write a script that generates an RSS file of the entries that I’ve locked. These entries will always be a post that I want to remember for some reason — I might have seen connections, found the entry fascinating, or simply wanted to come back to it.

If I were to make an RSS feed available of my locked posts (which would be the best of the 158 feeds (and growing) that I read, at least in my opinion), would this be a helpful thing? I don’t plan to be systematic about it, or categorize things, or even add my own thoughts about them (though I intend to do that in entries here). All the feed would offer would be an aggregation of my idea of the interesting bits of the feeds as I receive them, with one addition — the name of the originating blog prepended to the text.

Would anyone be offended at seeing their blog entry in such a feed? All the links and everything would be as taken from their original feed.

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