Creating RSS Files with Ruby

May 17, 2003

Another thing Johanna mentioned in her blog was that I was working on a tool for generating RSS files for web sites that don’t already have them. This description perhaps oversells what I have by a bit. What I’ve got is a collection of Ruby scripts, scheduled to run nightly. Each script generates an RSS page for a single web page or site. This page contains links to the publicly available feeds that I provide. At the moment, there are two – the front page of and the recent changes page of the Context-Driven Testing Wiki. There is a list of pages that I intend to scrape however, and so more will be added as time allows.

I’ve got a few more feeds planned as well in addition to web scrapings. The first one I’ll be developing is a deadline reminder feed. The plan for it is to have a Ruby script that pulls records out of Outlook and puts them in feeds so that I get reminders of the dates. Watch the RSS Feeds page for more details.


2 Responses to “Creating RSS Files with Ruby”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Watch what? It seems to have cut off at the end there….

  2. Andy Says:

    All fixed — left an HTML tag open. Sorry about that!

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